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The Photography Club of Basirhat College

Welcome to the Photography Club of Basirhat College. It is here to inspire students to express their thoughts and emotions and explore mother nature through the art of sensitize young minds about the world we live in.

Photography is a unique medium that allows us to freeze time, tell stories, and express our creativity. It transcends language and culture, serving as a universal means of communication and self-expression. Our club is a space where students and staffs of our college can come together to learn, share experiences, and embark on photographic journeys that unveil the world from fresh perspectives.

Join us on this visual adventure, and let's explore the world of photography together, one frame at a time.

Vision and Mission

  • Inculcating basic knowledge of Photography
  • Learning Technologies
  • Encouraging Collaborative Works
  • Enhancing Skills in Still and Motion Pictures
  • Organize Photowalk, Competitions, Workshops
  • Nourishing and nurturing creativity

News and Activities


Winter issue of Chitramala released

A quaterly publication from You Click Dec 31, 2023

This issue contains photographs submitted by students on nature and village life.


We have our own magazine now: Chitramala

A quaterly publication from You Click Oct 16, 2023

It is with great excitement that we are launching our brand new digital magazine that has been born out of our collective passion for the art of photography.What sets our magazine apart, is not just its stunning visuals but its commitment to education and community. We are dedicated to fostering a space where photographers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals, can come together to learn, share, and grow.


Workshop by Raktim Mondal, Cinematographer

At Satyajit Sabhakaksha  Oct 16, 2023

Raktim Mondal is a renowned cinematographer and graduated from prestigious Satyajit Roy Film Institute, Kolkata. He was nominated for best photo in Madrid international film festival 2015. He also won the 6th Assam State Film award in 2015. He shot various commercials, documentaries and movies with eminent directors like Buddhadev Dasgupta and Ketan Mehta.


Photowalk at Basirhat

By members of You Click Oct 6, 2023

Photowalk is a fantastic way to connect with fellow photographers, exchange ideas, and hone one's skills, all while discovering the beauty that surrounds us. So, grab your camera, and join a photowalk around your college to experience the joy of visual storytelling.


Webinar on basics of photography

By Reema Mukherjee Aug 20, 2023

Reema Mukherjee is a renowned photographer who won more than 200 international and national awards and about 50 gold medals which includes FFIP by Federation of Indian Photography and award given by Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (France).She was among the jury members of federation of Indian photography in 2019.

Photography Black & White

Photography Color

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